Town to renew SRO contract

By Nicole Minier

CHURUBUSCO — The town of Churubusco is looking to renew its contract with Smith-Green Community Schools for the school resource officer program.

A contract has been drafted and town officials were asked to review the contract before approving it at the next meeting on Feb. 15.

Councilman Mark Pepple said he met with SGCS Superintendent Galen Mast, who says he’s pleased with the program.

“They’re looking at alternative funding, such as Dekko, or rolling it into the district’s budget,” Pepple said.

Currently, the school’s portion of the SRO salary comes from grants — not knowing if the grant program will continue.

Chad Fulkerson is currently filling the school resource officer position.

“I’m happy with what’s going on over there,” said Town Marshal Mike Engle. “They’ve changed his job to include him a little more.”

Fulkerson is used both in the classroom, and to assist families at the school. He’s also at most home athletic events.

“It’s interesting to see what they’re doing with the program,” Pepple said.

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