Town election will be coordinated with county

Beers explained that the formula option could cost more than $1,200 or could be less.

Council member LeaAnn Herron thought the formula option was a more equal way to pay for the election. “I’m for paying our fair share,” she said. Council president Frank Kessler agreed as the two voted in favor of the formula based fees. Council member John Hart was absent.

In other Council news:

• The council discussed the sewer/water fees and the possibility of raising them.

Town Manager Jeremy Hart was on hand to give his opinion about the fees. Hart thought the sewer tap fees ($750) were plenty and recommended to the council that no increase was needed. Hart told the council that the water tap fees might be a different story. He said the town does a lot more work on water taps and thought the current fee ($600) might need adjusted.

President Kessler asked Hart to present a cost analysis at the next council meeting. Hart told Kessler that he would have all of the costs compiled for the next meeting.

• Approved the second payment to IronClad Construction for $183,996.14. IronClad is the contractor that installed the new water line extension to the south of town.

• Approved the 2012 annual budget and tax rate.

The next regular scheduled council meeting is on Wednesday, September 21 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall. 

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