Town election next Tuesday

The following people are running for Town Election. 

Questions for each candidate:

1. Why are you running for Town Council/Clerk?

2. What can you do to improve the Town?

3. What do you think of the Town Government overall?

4. Any other information you would like to share with community.

For Town Council: Pat Stanford

Pat Stanford, 836 N. Threshers Run, Churubusco, is in sales and engineering at Tec-Hackett. Stanford is married to Tonya and has two daughters, Abby and Emily. 

1. I haven’t agreed with some of the current Council’s decisions and expenditures in the last four years. I am a resident who cares and would like to make a difference.

2. I would like to keep expenses down and try not to do anything to raise taxes and fees.

3. I believe in our current government structure, and with a few personnel changes it could be even better.

4. I have been active with the Youth League Soccer program since its inception. I was President of the Park Board and helped get the paved walking path and the Splash Pad in the park.

For Town Council: Frank Kessler

Frank Kessler, of 406 Weston Avenue, Churubusco is semi-retired. He is employed as Town Council President, County Redevelopment Commission – Credit Union Director and is married to Jera Kessler.

1. I believe it is important for the Town to have an experienced leader in place. There are projects started that I would like to help complete and keep the Town on a progressive path.

2. I would like to move forward with downtown improvement projects as well as infrastructure improvements such as sidewalks and streets.

3. While there are always areas that can be improved upon, I think in general we are doing well. We are very sound financially and operate pretty efficiently.

4. Our community has accomplished a lot in the past four years. Many people have contributed to that and there is more to be done. I would like to continue to be a part of the effort to keep our Town moving forward.

For Town Council: Mark Pepple

Mark Pepple, 409 N. Conway Street, Churubusco. He is employed as a Paramedic for Multi-Township EMS in Warsaw. He is married to Heather Pepple.

1. Churubusco has become more than a Town to live in to me. It has become a caring and compassionate community that supports each other through the good and bad times. I want to give back to the community that so graciously showed me so much support.

2. I believe a strong relationship with county and state government is a strong key to a strong town government. I will promote those relationships with our county government and our state elected officials. Fiscal responsibility and accountability to who is important, you, is the ultimate responsibility if I am elected I will have. Government at all levels has become overwhelming to the American people. Reducing undue taxation and burdens to the Churubusco community is my main goal if elected. It is not ok to increase the burdens on the community even if it is a “little.”

3. I believe Churubusco is a wonderful community and embraces all the people,  and the Town Council has helped to promote that over the years. There needs to be more accountability though for the elected officials and Churubusco employees. The monies that are being utilized are yours and you have the right to understand where every dollar is going.

4. I am excited about the chance to serve Churubusco. I want to be a part of the future growth and strengthening of the community. I want to continue to support our services to the people, working hand in hand with all the departments of the Town, and Smith Township Trustee. Thank you for your support and please vote November 8. That is the most important voice you have!

For Town Council: Alan D. Malcolm

Alan D. Malcolm, 114 Mill Street, Churubusco. Malcolm is Store Manager of Ridge Napa Auto Parts.

1. I have lived in the community all my life and I would like an opportunity to give back and help with the operation of a great Town.

2. I am a manager of the local NAPA store, so I know the reality of working with budgets, payroll and sales. This gives me some insight into how the Town needs to be guided for maintaining a safe and prosperous community. A town should be run like a business, answerable to the citizens. I also feel that changes in Council guidance is good to have different ideas brought to the attention of the community.

3. The current Council has done a good job with maintaining our Town. They have made progress in promoting the Town and the community. They do well with the limited resources in staff and money in relation to other communities of our size in the state.

For Town Council: John Hart

John Hart, 209 Windsor Drive, Churubusco. Mr. Hart is employed as a Police Officer/Utility Worker for the Town of Churubusco and is married to Cathy Hart.

1. I would like to continue with what we have accomplished in the last four years. The new water plant, Splash Pad, park walking trails, new utility police station, south water main extension, new downtown sign and the great financial shape the Town is in.

3. I feel we have done a fine job for the last four years and would like to continue.

4. I hope this shows that working for the Town and being on the Town Council does not cause any problems. I hope the last four years has proven that.

For Clerk-Treasurer: Gerri Johnson

Gerri Johnson, 421 N. Line Street, Churubusco is employed as Clerk Treasurer by the Town of Churubusco.

1. This is my Town. I care for the people who live here. This Town has wonderful, caring citizens and I want to make sure that they aren’t overtaxed.

2. I have watched the Town grow since I have been in office. New park trails, Splash Pad, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Do It Best Hardware coming into the community. I will continue to help and encourage new projects and businesses.

3. The Town has caring employees that go above and beyond their call of duty. The employees wear many hats, doing multiple jobs. Other towns our size have more employees that cost the town more money.

4. Since I have been in office this Town has been in good financial standing. I feel I am knowledgeable at this position and have given exceptional customer service. I am here to accommodate our taxpayers and I will not pass on any fees from enhancing my office with unnecessary equipment or software. We are a small town, not a big city.

For Clerk-Treasurer: Madalyn Sade-Bartl

Madalyn Sade-Bartl, 328 North Line Street, Churubusco is employed as a substitute teacher for Smith-Green Community Schools and a market mentor/trainer for Mosaic Sales Solutions. She is married to Jason Bartl and has two children, Truman and Monroe. 

1. I’ve lived in this Town for a majority of my life and want to make it a better place to live. There are many things that could be improved upon in the local government and I want to make that happen.

2. I feel there are many unneeded expenses and a disparity between department budgets and as the treasurer, I would examine these and cut what I could, where I could. I would also like to create a government based website where citizens could pay online for a smaller fee than what has been recently introduced by the current treasurer. The website would also serve as an information hub so citizens can view meeting minutes and agendas, find phone numbers and email addresses of their elected officials, and receive information such as hydrant flushing schedules or road construction notifications.

3. I think that Churubusco is becoming a younger Town. Going door-to-door over the past few weeks has really made that apparent. However, our government is still stuck in an older time where we are not utilizing technology like we should. I am part of that younger generation and, if elected, I can help transition the government to start utilizing the growing number of resources we now have available at our fingertips.

4. I was raised in Churubusco and attended Churubusco High School, Class of 2000. I attended Purdue University for two years and finished my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Indiana Tech, where I graduated Magna Cum Laude. I am currently a graduate student at University of St. Francis, studying Mild Intervention. Professionally, I have over eight years of management experience where I regularly implemented and abided by budgets as well as created and enforced policies.

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