Town agrees to splash pad

A group that was assembled to help build a community swimming pool, presented their latest plans to the Churubusco Town Council last Wednesday.

Don Page, Liz Schemm, and Lucas Konger representing the Mueller Pool Committee attended the Town Council meeting and told the Council about their scaled back swimming pool plans. The group had hoped to help build a swimming pool on town property with a starting fund of over $300,000 donated by the late Churubusco resident Paul Mueller.

After donating the money to Smith-Green schools for the purpose of building a pool and placing the money with the Whitley County Foundation, the school informed the committee that they couldn’t help with the construction. The group also presented the plans to the town of Churubusco in hopes that the town would help out with the project.

After much deliberation, the pool committee decided to scale back their goals and try to build a splash pad instead. The group attended a Smith-Green School Board meeting and informed them of their plans for the splash pad. Smith-Green Board members were in favor and told the committee that they would give the money back to the group.

Pool committee member Lucas Konger said that the splash pad would be a gift to the town. He said that the construction costs would come in around $270,000 and the remaining roughly $50,000 would be kept in the Community Foundation for the maintenance and upkeep of the splash pad. “Basically we’re giving you a splash pad and the money to operate it for years to come,” said Konger.

“What else can we say except thank you,” said Council member Viv Sade.

The Community Foundation will have to go through legal channels to change the wishes of the donor and then the work on the new splash pad can begin.

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