Town buys property

Town agrees to buy property

Town Manager Jeremy Hart told the Council that the closing will be on November 24 and that the Town will honor the lease agreement with Cleary until March. Hart went on to say the Town Hall and Clerk’s Department would be moved to the new 2,300 square foot building along with the Police Station. The current Police Station isn’t in very good shape and Town Marshall Chad Fulkerson said he was excited about the prospect of relocating his officers. The Clerk’s office will also move, but the government meetings will still be held at the current Town Hall.

The existing Town Hall will still house trucks and equipment along with offices.

Council President Frank Kessler was happy about the new acquisition. “This is a giant step forward,” he said.

In other Council news:

• The Council discussed the 2010 salary ordinance. The ordinance has to be voted on by the end of the year to be in effect for 2010.

Typically the ordinance includes between 3-4% pay increases for the town employees.

Council members took turns speaking about their feelings on the subject. Frank Kessler said he understood why the County, State and Federal governments had to cut back, but the town of Churubusco wasn’t in the same boat.

“I think we have terrific employees,” Kessler said. “We get no complaints about any of the workers. I’m recommending they receive a 1% increase.”

Council member Viv Sade said that she wasn’t for any kind of pay raises due to the economy. “I think we have great employees,” she said. “But I cannot in good conscience vote for an increase. Other towns have had to cut services and employees.”

Council member John Hart said that he thought a long time about whether to give pay raises. He said that the Town offers very good service with less employees than most towns. Hart said that he thought they deserved something. “I can go for a 1% increase, next year maybe we can give more.”

The Council asked Barb Campbell, who was sitting in for Clerk-Treasurer Gerri Johnson, to draw up numbers showing Council how much the pay raises would effect the budget. The Council will look at the report during its next meeting.

• The Council approved change orders in the new Water Treatment Plant currently being built. The $3.2 million dollar project being partially funded by Federal stimulus money needed changes that cost nearly $50,000.

The next Council meeting is on Wednesday, November 4 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall.

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