The power of the fans

The Churubusco Football team has an important game coming up this Friday against Lakeland and then Sectionals begin. They’ve been practicing since the beginning of August and have been pushing themselves to play their best at each and every game which has really shown on the field.

Now it’s our turn to show just how good we can be as fans. The team has some tough games ahead of them and not only need to be ready physically but also mentally. We can help them by making some noise. A couple of the players commented to me, after the Fairfield game , that the fans were kind of quiet compared to previous games and I could tell that kind of bothered them. One of the many things I love about Busco is the overwhelming support there is for football. So how about this Friday night, against Lakeland, let’s make up for last week and everyone bring their noisemakers or just do some good old fashion yelling and cheering?

If you’re uncomfortable yelling, just sit by me and I’ll help you cheer on one of the best 1A football teams in the state to another victory. So see you Friday night and let’s MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!! I’ll be listening and so will the team.

Liz Arvola, Churubusco

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