The immorality of Congress

As I understand what took place, there were no Republicans invited or allowed in the writing of the legislation. Who then did actually write it? White House logs reveal Andy Stern, President of SEIU (Service Employees International United) has signed in 24 times. That is a lot of visits by a union president. He was, of course, invited to the State dinner compared to only four by Secretary of State Hilliary Clinton.

As this legislation is so massive we can only understand a small portion of it. Of the areas I have concerned myself with they have moved me to consider following in the path of Dr. King. Civil disobedience could be the path I may find myself on. For example, are we really going to be fined or imprisoned for not participating? What Constitutional provision can force me to participate? Will I then need to turn myself in to my Town Marshal’s office or will he come to “get me?” Will I then become a convicted felon? Since this is Federal Law, will I lose my right to vote? Will I get to choose in which Federal Penitentiary I will be incarcerated? After all my family might want to visit and I would hope it is near so they do not have to drive a long distance as Cap & Trade legislation will drive up the price of fuel by about a dollar a gallon, and then where will that leave me? No visitors On further thought, there could be a lot of people in my position. A whole new industry could be born, or at least revived. The Federal Penitentiary system could become the nation’s largest employer! Maybe I’ll request Gitmo. I understand there may be vacancies there.

Speaker Pelosi (D) California is adamant about the abortion issue. Haven’t we slaughtered enough of the unborn? For those in Congress hell bent on including the abortion funding I think it is high time for them to actually perform an abortion. Particularly the most gruesome of acts, the saline, late term method where the viable child is scalded to death in the womb by a lethal injection of salt, burned to death, lobster red, with nowhere to escape. Ultrasound video is available for viewing of this cataclysmic act for those having the stomach to view it. Then, of course, the remains of the baby are tossed in the trash. There should be crosses at every landfill to commemorate this, “The American Holocaust.” To the eleven members of the Indiana Congressional Delegation to Washington I am asking you to vote no on any combined legislation that would include tax dollars collected from those of us who oppose this practice.

As the legislation is over 2000 pages many votes had to be “bought off.” Without reading it we can only depend on pundits to point out who was “bribed” and for how much. Senator Harry Reid (D) Nevada stated “this is the way it’s done.” At least he made a frank admission of his guilt and complicity in this sham.

For anyone believing Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, or any other legislator that this will be ‘deficit neutral” I would like to point to other examples of Government helping the people where we have saved money. Amtrak, the USPS, Social Security (Bernie Madoff’s dream) the Space program, foreign aid. All these programs we pay for are now, and have been bleeding red ink since inception. The entirety of Congress is no longer about the American people. It is nothing more than a cabal of disingenuous thieves, and liars, whose lives center around themselves. Power corrupts. Professing to be wise, they become fools.

Dave Cooper, Churubusco,

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