Thanks to a special community and the American Legion

I still consider Churubusco my home, even though I haven’t lived there for over 25 years.  Churubusco is a special place and I hope those of you that live there never take your town for granted.  Although I don’t have the opportunity to get back to Busco as often as I’d like, when I am home the community treats me as though I had never left.  And even though my children have never lived there, the residents of Churubusco have always reached out to them also.  This was particularly evident during Kaleb’s deployment. During his time in Afghanistan Kaleb received packages from members of the American Legion, which included paper, pens, candies and snacks such as Pringles.  He also received several letters from Pat McGuire that provided Kaleb with a brief glimpse of the grandfather that Kaleb never met. As most of you know, my dad died in an aircraft accident before Kaleb was ever born.  Pat took the time to outline some of their adventures, including a trip to Brown County, which is only six or seven miles from where we live now.  My brother Mark and I even learned a thing or two!  Of course virtually all of my family still lives in Churubusco and they took good care of Kaleb also. 

The most important gift our family received was the prayer support from the various congregations.  Relatives and family friends, such as Barb Tuck, made sure that Kaleb was placed on several different prayer lists throughout Churubusco and I can tell you he felt the power of your prayers.  We cannot thank you enough for your prayer support. 

Kaleb arrived safely back on U.S. soil this past week.  We have gotten to spend the past few days with him in California, but we’ll be returning to Indiana later today. Kaleb should be home for Christmas and we look forward to thanking many of you in person over the holidays.  In the meantime, may God bless each of you individually, and may He continue to bless the Churubusco community. 

-Terry, Linda and Jesica Hyndman

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