Thanks from the Library

With donations, tickets, and gifts, the Library realized a profit of $2727.00 and there were 1032 tickets turned in for the raffle.

Winners were as follows: Nanette Jantz, Jeanne Raines, John Chernesky, Pam Edwards, Sammi Lewis, Dennis Bennett, Susie Teague, Barb Carcione, Ruth Billings, Phyllis Imbody, Luana Walker, Kay Fritz, Jim Parker, Linda Passmore, Dennis Bennett, Randy Sims, Janet Sims, Janet Boeke, Patricia Gump, Nile Duffitt, Rose Dubs, Ellie Veerkamp, Missy Baughman, Sharon Felger and Megan Felger.

Without the help of everyone in the community, this project would not have been such a huge success and the Library board, staff and Friends of the Library want everyone to know how much we all appreciate your participation.


Carol M. Scherer,

Library Director

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