Thank you from the Reality Store

Kathy Ford of 3 Rivers Federal Credit Union; Lori Snyder of Farmers & Merchants Bank; Jerry Guiff and Craig Amacker of Orizon Real Estate; Kevin Dreibelbis and Sue Browning of Noble REMC; Connie Uecker; Gretchen Haupricht; Beth Brown of Churubusco Child Care Center; Lloyd Haupricht; Steve Darnell SGCS Superintendent; Rachele Shambaugh; Kathy Greenawalt of Parkview Whitley Hosptial; Garry Jones of the Churubusco Police Department; Judge Michael Kramer of Noble Superior Court Div. 2; Sara Ramsey; Dr. Donald E. Welsh, D.V.M. for the Churubusco Veterinary Clinic; Connie Beckman of Churubusco Family Dentistry; Tanya Young SGCS School Board President, and Doreen Burns.

Thank you to Pam Hill for providing the coffee and snack supplies. Thanks to Joel McConnell for helping to set up and take down tables and chairs. Thank you to teachers and counselors who loaned me items to help decorate. Thanks to Teresa at McDonald’s, Pam at Subway, Nila at Magic Wand, Kevin & Donya at Brevin’s for your generous donation of coupons for students to use after completing their trip through the Reality Store. Thank you Amanda Smith for the use of your higher education books for my students to look through while they waited for their class to finish at the Reality Store.

Thank you to the seventh grade teachers for all your efforts. A big “Thank you” goes to Mr. Willson for allowing me to use your classroom and for team teaching with me. Great job teachers!

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Bailey and Mr. Willson for helping me set up tables after school. Thank you to Mrs. Zolman and Mr. Uchtman for picking up and returning my borrowed decoration items. Thank you to Rachele Shambaugh for emptying the water from my “duck lake.” Thank you to Doreen Burns and Sara Ramsey for helping me clean up after the Reality Store program was over.

Seventh grader Brooke Herendeen won the contents of the grocery donation with her guess of the cost. She was only $.33 from the actual cost! Way to go Brooke!

Thank you to Dave Crabill for coming out to see us and taking pictures for the newspaper!

And finally, for anyone I might have inadvertently forgotten—THANK YOU! I couldn’t do this without all of my volunteers. Thank you again for making a difference in this community and giving so much to our students!


Kim Burns

CMS Counselor

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