Thank you Churubusco boys basketball

Dear Editor:

Let’s start off first by thanking Paul Sade and the administration for the hiring of Chris Paul as our boys basketball coach. As the news broke around town, the “buzz” was all about “why would he come here?” Then turned quickly to, “wonder if his son will come play here now?”

I happened to be in the school one day this summer after it was announced CP was our new coach. When I walked into the gym, the boys were working out playing some 5 on 5, I looked over and saw these three “strangers” watching over the boys. I quickly realized it was CP, Bruce and Mike. I walked over and introduced myself, and from that very first meeting I knew this coaching staff was going to be special. The feeling I had walking away was, “these guys are going to do great things here.”

As the rest of summer went on, it just seemed that a lot of talk was about how this basketball season would be. How would the boys adjust to a new coach, how would the coach adjust to our community. I would say it was about week two of the football season when it hit me that this new coach was going to be a part of our community. Each week home or away, it seemed like you saw CP, Bruce and the family at the football games. As the weeks passed, hearing the student section at random times chant “Bruce, Bruce, Bruce” or “CP, CP, CP,” that is when I knew the kids accepted them as their coaches. CP and Bruce would always say hi and have a smile on their face.

As basketball season came closer I started to talk with CP more about how he wanted the scorebook done and different things about game day around here, and what to expect at away games. I know it’s kind of weird however I told CP that I had some game day traditions with the coach and players. He quickly accepted my game day mojo and the boys kept the mojo going for them as well.

I have been keeping books now for roughly six years and I can tell you from all of the games I’ve been a part of and all the coaches I’ve seen, CP is so far above them with class and respect for the “workers” on the scorer’s table. Not many games went by that I didn’t see CP shake hands with all of the scorer’s table. Maybe that was his own game day mojo. Thanks CP for making me proud to be a part of ’Busco boys basketball.

They say for a coach to get the most out of his players he is to love and care for them. I think that fits in CP’s case, the genuine love and care he has for these kids is pretty awesome.

They say for a player to play harder they have to “buy into” their coach, again I think this fits in ’Busco basketball. To be close to the action during a time out or at the quarter, all eyes and ears of those boys are on CP listening to him. These boys believe in him.

It was amazing how CP honored Jon Shepler this season by wearing the orange tennis shoes for each game and having Blake Shepler be a part of the team. Then after the Marquette game was over CP gave those orange shoes to Blake in honor of Jon.

To me, that is more than just a basketball coach honoring someone. That is someone who came into this community and instantly embraced who we are as a community.

Churubusco, if you haven’t figured out that we have something special going on in our boy’s basketball program right now, then get out from under your rock.

Luke, Dean, Jalen, Eli, Dusty, Dakota, Garrett, Joey, Carlin, Collin, Grant, Brayton and Braydon, Thank you guys for giving our community a basketball season — one for the history books. The way you approached each game, the way you played each game, the sportsmanship you showed all year long — makes me proud that I was a small part of your group. Remember no one can ever take away your part in history at ’Busco.

CP, Bruce and Mike, Thank you for taking these young men under your wing, showing them that their dreams can come true and showing them that hard work does pay off. Thank you for making that decision to come to ’Busco boys basketball. Your legacy will forever be etched in history here.

I think I speak for a large portion of our community when I say,

CP, Trisha, Jalen, Jackson, Jersey,

Bruce and Sandy,

Mike and Taylor

Welcome to Churubusco and thank you for being a part of our community.

David Pearson


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