Thank you Churubusco

Thanks goes to the players for including him in the coin toss and making him a part of the team.

We are always grateful and humbled by the attitude of these eighth graders.

These kids truly demonstrate the “Character Counts” qualities. One of the players summed it up well, when he explained to another: “Jackson ‘is part of the team’.”

He was able to participate, thanks in large part to junior football player, Cole Stauffer.

Cole is a lineman on the varsity team, but would stay after his high school practices to provide support to Jackson on the sidelines. Cole stood out in the rain during more than one game with Jackson. Cole is the kind of athlete we need to celebrate, one of strong character and integrity.

Jackson was also supported by his good friend Seth Brown, who was happy to stand with him on the sidelines and help Jackson be independent.

As parents, we are continually impressed with how much support and love is shown toward Jackson. A simple thank you hardly seems adequate, but thank you Churubusco, for being a place for kids to shine.


Dan & Heather Ostrowski

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