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Stutzman was elected by precinct chairs from the Third District during a caucus held Saturday, June 12, at Indian Springs Middle School. The caucus was initially scheduled to take place at Columbia City High School. However, the school was flooded during Friday’s downpour, and the caucus location had to be changed at the last minute.

Stutzman secured more than enough votes on the second ballot. With 407 of the possible 526 voting, he needed at least 204 votes. He received 229.

Stutzman’s popularity among the voting delegates became obvious following audience response to his comments after he was introduced by his wife, Christy Stutzman.

“There is a notebook on a shelf at home that outlines our plans and dreams,” Christy Stutzman said. “Those plans and dreams did not include being involved in politics. But that changed on 9/11. …  Now more than ever, we need a leader who keeps God, family and our nation first.”

“I’m glad you are here, because I received a text message this morning that the caucus had been moved to Arkansas,” Stutzman quipped. His other comments were more serious and to the point. He reconfirmed his conservative values, vowed to fight the extreme liberalist agenda of the current administration, and indicated that it was time for Republicans in the Third District to work together to retain this congressional seat.

“We must be ready for the fight ahead.  We have a record of uniting those with strong conservative values,” said Marlin Stutzman. “It is time to fight for our future!”

Indiana Republican Chairman Murray Clark gaveled the caucus to reconvene at 10:17 a.m. In order to comply with election law, Clark and other state Republican officials had already called the caucus to convene at the  previously advertised location.

It was a long day, but not because it took numerous ballots to select a nominee. Once rules of the caucus were established, each candidate was ‘nominated’ by a person of their choosing who was allowed two minutes to speak. Each candidate was allowed three minutes to speak. This process took 90 minutes. The caucus delegates were released for the first vote at 12:05 p.m.  Results of the first vote were announced at 1:30 p.m.

First vote results were as follows:

Randy Borror – 67

Elizabeth Brown – 46

Wes Culver – 11

Gregg Dickman – 0

Ryan Elijah – 43

Mike Foster – 5

Rachel Grubb – 1

Robert Morris – 16

Lonnie Powell – 1

Joe Schomburg – 4

Marlin Stutzman – 180

Bob Thomas – 21

Richard Thonert – 0

Scott Welch – 0

Dennis Wright – 11

Caucus rules called for candidates receiving less than five percent of the vote to be eliminated for the second round of voting. That left only Borror, Brown, Elijah, Stutzman and Thomas in the running after the first ballot.

Results of the second ballot were: Stutzman 229; Borror 69, Elijah 46; Brown 39 and Thomas 17.

In his acceptance speech, Stutzman called on the entire delegation to come together. Stutzman will face Democratic candidate Tom Hayhurst in the November 2, 2010 General Election.

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