Marlin Stutzman

Stutzman visits Churubusco

Representative Stutzman’s visit served as a culminating event concluding a three week project in which students in Mr. Ben Jagger’s personal finance class researched the national economy and developed realistic plans and strategies for reducing national debt.  Topics of research included; the effects of reducing the interest rate, individual tax brackets, America’s economy, and individual investment strategies.

Solutions included ideas such as tax reform, cutting government spending, trade policy, and even cutting salaries and benefits for congressmen. Congressman Stutzman responded to students’ suggestions and questions by offering alternative viewpoints.

The entire experience presented students with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the nation’s economy and national and local governments; thus, enabling the students to become better informed consumers and citizens.

“I would like to thank Mr. Stutzman for discussing some of the most complex issues facing our nation with the future of our country. It truly is a rare opportunity that I hope our students will cherish as they become the next generation of leaders,” says teacher, Ben Jagger.

Representative Marlin Stutzman made it possible for students to recognize their part in our nation’s economy.

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