Strategic planning begins at Smith-Green

The plan will provide district personnel with a written plan for establishing and periodically monitoring achievement of district goals.  The plan will identify direction of the district and future student learning and achievement through the year 2015. 

Board President Mrs. Tanya Young is excited about starting strategic planning in the district.  She notes that the strategic plan is something the district has needed for several years.  Fellow Board members agreed and adopted revised mission and vision statements on October 5, 2009 that will guide development of goal areas, descriptive objectives and performance targets by the planning committee.  The revised mission and vision statements are as follows: 

Mission Statement

The mission of Smith-Green Community Schools is to provide a superior education that ensures success for every student through excellence in teaching and learning. 

Vision Statement

A superior education is the fundamental right of every student.  All students will receive the respect, support, and opportunities they need to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful contributing members of a global society. 

The committee will start with new goal areas building upon board goals adopted in 2007.  These areas include:  superior education, safe environment, fiscal responsibility, community support, and service excellence in a working and learning environment.  Performance targets will be identified for each goal area with descriptive objectives that lead to improved levels of student achievement and school district functioning.  

Strategic planning committee members include:  Shelbi Krecik and Ronnie Speaker (students); Rick Trump and Nick Uecker (parents and board members); Carey Jacquay, Dean Geiger, Luke and Kelly Gross, Rob Marr (parents and/or community members); Austin Couch, Jerry Lange, Lee Etzler, John Davis, Nicole Singer, Nancy Becker, Adam Skiles (school administrators); Pat Naragon, Nicole Veit, Stacie Chambers (teachers); and Steve Darnell (school superintendent).   

The committee will meet the second Thursday evening of each month for the next five months at the school administration center.  Parents and community will be surveyed to assure their input is heard for the direction of the school district for the next five years.  Surveys will be mailed and posted on the district’s website to assure everyone has a voice in the direction of the district in future years.  

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