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Smith-Green receives Classroom

Smith-Green Community Schools received the Classroom Innovation in Mathematics grant. Superintendent Steve Darnell said the CHS Algebra teachers, under the leadership of Nancy Becker, wrote the grant, which is for $5,500. According to Darnell, funds will be used to pilot all Algebra classes using an online approach to learning. Students will use the ALEKS program next year and will take assessments along the way to measure their learning on-line.  At the completion of the Algebra course, students will take the end of course assessment (ECA) required by the DOE, online as well.  Textbooks will only be used to supplement instruction as needed.

Professional development is included in the grant money to train teachers how to use the online software.  Mrs. Galloway and Ms. Slain will be the teachers (grades 8-9-10) trained in the program.

“Mathematics and Science education are clear cornerstones to students’ academic success and this funding will allow schools across the State to really move the needle for improved achievement in these subjects,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett said in a written statement. “I am confident these grant recipients will push these dollars directly to the classroom where we will hopefully see immediate impact on academic programs.”

The Classroom Innovation in Mathematics program, funded through the David C. Ford Fund, provides an opportunity for public school districts to pilot digital mathematics curricula, technology-based instruction, and interactive whiteboards for classroom instruction during the 2010-11 school year. The results of this pilot program will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of digital curricular materials and provide data for schools that may look at adopting digital mathematics curricula in the future.  

Students included in this grant will have access to technology in their mathematics classrooms on a daily basis, whether in daily instruction via interactive whiteboards, online formative and summative assessments in a computer lab, or work outside of the classroom via remote online access. 

“In a time when mathematics test scores have been stagnant, Hoosier students need increased access to innovative, high-quality instruction to which they can relate,” said Bennett.  “Through this grant, approximately 13,000 additional students will have access to these innovative practices in 2010-11 alone.”

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