Ehren Misner

Smith-Green hires technology director

Misner grew up in Howe, Ind., and graduated from Lakeland High School and IPFW with a B.S. in Mathematics Teaching. He taught Math and Computers for eight years at Lakeland and Fairfield. Misner currently resides in Topeka with his wife, Wendy, and three sons, Dalton, 11, Cael, 7 and Teague, 4.  

In other Board news:

• The Board approved the hiring of Deanna Perry and reclassification of Natalie Pugh as half-time Title I Interventionists for the remainder of the 2009-2010 school year.

• Mr. Etzler presented the list of Spring Lay Coaches, which the Board approved as follows:

• Baseball: Assistant Coach Lee DeTurk and Volunteer Assistant Coach Andrew McManama;

• Softball: Head Coach Wayne Gibson and Assistant Coaches Keith Heffelfinger, Daniel Burkhart, Todd Ramsey and Nancy Herron;

• Boys/Girls Track: Assistant Coaches Jon Pelz, Kip Griffin and Paul Sade;

• Middle School Boys/Girls Track: Head Coach Mari Huelsenbeck and Assistant Coach Sam Riesen;

• Superintendent Darnell reported to the Board that the Strategic Planning Committee launched an online, community-based survey. Input from the survey will be used to create a five year action plan for the District. Teachers, parents, students, business/industry members and community members may take the survey before April 2, by going to

• In a cost savings approach, the Board approved a proposed 2010 Retirement Incentive Program. The program will be approved by the Churubusco Teacher’s Association (CTA) before being presented to staff.

Darnell said the program encourages five to seven certified staff—teachers and administrators—to retire this year by offering a one time payment of $24,000 into a VEBA retirement account, which can be used for health and medical expenses. The certified staff members who take the retirement incentive must meet the “Rule of 85”—their age plus years of service must add up to 85. For example, a 60 year old teacher with 25 years of service meets the “Rule of 85.”

If seven staff members take the retirement incentive, Darnell said it will cost the Corporation $168,000; however, the Corporation will save money in the years following the initial payout because top-end scale employees will be replaced with lesser experienced and thus lesser paid employees. Such action could net the Corporation $75,000 per year following the initial payout. The initial payout will come from the Rainy Day Fund. 

Darnell said, from his communication with the CTA, some staff are interested in retiring this year.

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