Smith Green closer to hiring new superintendent

CHURUBUSCO – Smith Green Community Schools sent out a survey to staff and was open to the public about concerns for the future of the district.

Board President Dean Geiger says the goal of the survey was to see the strengths of Smith-Green, what people see are the challenges, and what characteristics they‘d like to see in the next superintendent.

“The results we got for our strengths will be valuable for the new superintendent to see,” said Geiger. “It will help market the school to show the community what exactly our strengths are.”

The survey has helped guide questions for interviewing potential superintendents.

“We are looking for a strong educational leader. Someone who will be visible in the building, someone who will be known by the staff and students as being honest and trustworthy. We also need someone who can lead us through our financial issues that we’re facing. We are in a tough spot financially, so we need a strong leader that can navigate that for us.”

Board member Cathy Petrie said she’s overwhelmed by the feedback by the community, and having staff members who care so much for the students.

There are three candidates that are being brought back in this week for a second round of interviews.

Galen Mast is serving as the superintendent until the end of June, when he takes on the same role at West Noble Schools. Geiger says Smith-Green is working to make the hiring as quickly, but efficiently as possible, and plan on the new superintendent starting before July.

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