SGCS is great for children

Dear Editor:

I have the occasion several times a week to drive past the school. One of the enjoyments I get is observing the young children on the playground kicking and throwing balls, swinging on swings or just running around having a great time during their recess. I particularly enjoy the sound of the laughter. Sweet music to the ear. Then, on Thursday I receive the local newspaper. Fantastic coverage of the accomplishments made by the upperclassmen and women in both sports, academics and the arts. Those uppers were once those children we saw running around on that playground.

The advantage this school system has over any other is that those little ones have models to look up to. All students from K-12 are all part of the program. That first-grader on the playground heaving a basketball at the hoop might just be trying to emulate the star on the varsity team. That little girl waving her arms and singing to no one in particular could be trying to emulate the young lady in Show Choir that just won an award at a far away competition. The kids making circles in the stones? Future architects?

All of this could not be possible without the dedicated staff at this institution. When you view the images in the paper of the sports teams, science teams or show choirs, behind those efforts are teachers and leaders who go over and beyond what they are being paid to do. It is their passion. Children in this school system have a decided advantage over any other in the area due to administrators and leaders such as in residence at Churubusco. They, too, are the examples the children see. Will a student, because of its teacher, want to become a teacher? And then because of that positive influence, perhaps a college or university professor? Because of the direction of a music director or science teacher, will one of our own students wind up on Broadway, or maybe visit Mars? This staff inspires.

And those are only the people you see. Behind the doors are cooks, janitors and maintenance crews that keep the facility humming, kids fed and the building sparkling. If you have ever visited the place you will have never seen it “un-tidy.” The buses are always neat and clean and well maintained.

At all levels, this school system goes above and beyond the call of duty for the furtherance of their charges. This community should thank God Almighty for this gem in our midst, and pray for it to continue to persevere and nurture our most precious asset, our children.

’Busco, you have a Tiffany ring on your finger. Keep polishing it, and it will surely increase in value.

Dave Cooper


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