September 23, 2009

Five Years Ago

Churubusco Elementary teacher Liz Schemm was awarded a Champions in Education Award from Midwest Living magazine. She garnered national attention and a $250 award after being named a second place winner.

Two Noble REMC journeymen joined crews heading to the Gulf Coast to help restore power after Hurricane Ivan. Doug Eggl and Dave Dunn volunteered to take the duty when it was offered.

Information was presented to the Town Council on applying for a grant for a bike path. Initial plans for the project needed to be developed. If the town obtained a grant, it would have to provide matching funds.

Adam and Krista Marshall announced the birth of their son, Alexander Lee.

Ten Years Ago

The Town Council approved a budget for 2000. The proposed budget of $772,701 would go to the State Tax Board for reviewing.

Street signs were installed in Thresher Ridge.

Indiana’s two leading business groups warned that Indiana’s near-bottom ranking on SAT scores was robbing the state of the pool of qualified workers needed to be competitive in the 21st Century.

Chad and Jodie Keener announced the birth of their daughter, Grace Autumn.

Rick and Lori Philbee announced the birth of their daughter, Ashlynn Beth.

Jeff and Amy Perlich announced the birth of their son, Riley Dale.

25 Years Ago

The Churubusco Police were seen around town in a much needed new patrol car.

New lights for the Park were approved by the Turtle Days Association. The main reason the Association agreed on a metal halide light was they should pay for themselves in one year.

Churubusco led the county in the United Way Fund Drive. With an area goal of $9,594, they were one-third of the way there in the first week.

Lynn and Charles Hanson announced the birth of their daughter, Elyse Rose.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schortgen announced the birth of their daughter, Stacy Lee.

Gary and Cindy Bonar announced the birth of their daughter, Brooke Nicole.

Larry and Kris Kirkpatrick announced the birth of their daughter, Sara Lee.

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Ressler announced the birth of their daughter, Laura Ann.

Randy and Connie Hooten announced the birth of their daughter, Jessica Ellen.

50 Years Ago

The Churubusco State Bank doubled its capital from $50,000 to $100,000. In a special meeting, the stockholders declared a 100 percent stock dividend.

There was considerable opposition to a proposed rate increase by General Telephone. Letters were sent to the Indiana Public Service Commission objecting to the raise which in some cases was more than 40%.

J.I. Case reported record sales the first nine months of the year at $151 million.  Common stock earnings went from .75 a share to $1.44, a 92 percent increase.

A change of venue was denied in the second embezzlement trial of Arnold Hobbs.

The Red Crown Dining Room had been added to the Ten-Pin Restaurant. It seated 125 people and was available for special occasions.

Showing at the Columbia Theater was Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” and the “Diary of Anne Frank.”

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