Youngs and Spencers

Scholarships awarded to Churubusco High School students

Tony and Gertrude Kichler Scholarship – Hannah Dodson; Art & Jeanne Howard 4-H Scholarship – Katie Brumbaugh; Olive B. Cole – Katie Brumbaugh, Alex McDowell; H.A.N.D.S. Scholarship – Kelli Klaehn; Jeld-Wen Scholarship – Kimberly Martin; Rotary Scholarships – Katie Brumbaugh, James Fehring, Danielle Hartmann, Alex McDowell; Chamber of Commerce – Alex McDowell, Shelby Sanders; Paul Schmidt Football Scholarships – Jordan Hamilton and Noah Polakovic; Gaylord Jackson – Taylor Amber, Hannah Dodson, James Fehring, Jacob Raber; Churubusco Alumni – Amanda Brumbaugh, Alex McDowell; Student Council – Danielle Hartmann; Ben Konger Memorial – Mallory Geist; S.A.D.D. – Chantal Battenberg; Jim Hageman Memorial – Alysa Holloway, Chris Sims; Samantha Merchant Memorial – Danielle Hartmann; Parkview Whitley Health – Travis LeFever; Tom Fletcher Memorial/Turtle Days Board Scholarship – Alex McDowell, Taylor Sordelet; Smith-Green School Board – Chantal Battenberg; Churubusco Building Trades – Julianna Campbell, Kayla Helfrich, Alyssa Johnston, Shannon Teague; Leslie Green Memorial – Shelby Sanders; National Honor Society – Amanda Brumbaugh, Kelli Klaehn; Clifford Deel Masonic Memorial – Jordan Hamilton; David Salomon Scholarship – Shannon Teague; Sonny McClure Memorial – Chantal Battenberg; Lions Club Academic – Ryan Mey, Kristi Slagal; Lions Club Vocational – Julianna Campbell; Ross Unverzagt Memorial – Shelbi Krecik; Randy Seimer – Mallory Geist; Fine Arts Thespian – Zane Sade, Taylor Sordelet; Andrea Norman Henry & John Anthony Norman Scholarship – Zane Sade; Turtle Town Players – Zane Sade; American  Legion Scholarships – Lindsay Millikan, Bryce Shively; Megan Young Memorial Scholarship – Alexis Bankson; Andrew Spencer Memorial Scholarship – Jordan Hamilton.

Taylor Amber – $5000 Huntington University Academic and $600 Softball Scholarship.

Alexis Bankson – Elmhurst College Dean’s Scholarship.

Katie Brumbaugh – 4-H Foundation Scholarship; Noble County Homemaker’s Scholarship: Noble County Junior Leaders Scholarship; Marquardt Farm Alumni Scholarship; State 4-H Club Scholarship; ISTA Foundation for the Improvement of Education Scholarship.

Hannah Dodson – $2000 I.U. Academic Scholarship.

James Fehring – Indiana Elks Scholarship.

Danielle Hartmann – St. Francis Volleyball Scholarship and St. Francis Art Scholarship.

Anistassia Jackson – $2500 St. Francis Talent Day Art Scholarship.

Amber Johnson – 21st Century Scholarship, IPFW Chancellor’s Scholarship and Gear-Up Summer Scholarship.

Shelbi Krecik – St. Francis Dean’s Scholarship and St. Francis Art Scholarship.

Karissa Labenz – Discuss Award.

Kimberly Martin – $2000 Jen-Weld Scholarship.

Ryan Mey – St. Francis Higher Education Award, Indiana Freedom of Choice Award, St. Francis Tennis Scholarship.

Jordan Nicodemus – 4-H Scholarship.

Ron Speaker – 21st Century Scholarship, I.U. Covenant Award, I.U. Excellence Award.

Jessica Tartaglia – St. Francis Talent Day Art Scholarship.

Theatre Awards

Best Thespians – Zane Sade and Cassandra Petrie; Outstanding Newcomers 2009-2010 – Cole Anderson and Cullen Fisher (eighth grader); Best Actor – Zane Sade as “Sky Masterson” in “Guys and Dolls.” Best Actress – Cassandra Petrie as “Sarah Brown” in “Guys and Dolls.” Best Supporting Actor – Alex McDowell as “Nathan Detroit” in “Guys and Dolls.” Best Supporting Actress – Taylor Sordelet as “Miss Adelaide” in “Guys and Dolls.”

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