Rokita reminds Hoosiers of different options and upcoming deadlines for casting their ballots prior to Election Day

“We want to make sure registered voters are aware of these opportunities along with the deadlines they must meet for their applications to be processed,” Secretary Rokita said. “Voting is one of the most patriotic things a Hoosier can do, and through the past several years we’ve increased the options they have, while also increasing election security.”

In Indiana, a registered voter has until noon on Nov. 1, the day before the election, to vote in-person at their county clerk’s office or at a satellite absentee voting location. Voters who meet certain criteria can also choose to submit an absentee ballot by mail – the county election board must receive their application by midnight next Monday, October 25. These applications may be submitted in-person, by mail or facsimile. Confined voters or those caring for confined voters may also vote by traveling boards – a bi-partisan election board which bring ballots to voters who apply and qualify to vote in that manner. Those applications are due by noon, November 1.

According to the Indiana Election Division, a unit of the Secretary of State’s office, more than 120,772 absentee ballot applications have been submitted so far for the upcoming November 2 election. This includes more than 38,700 voters who have cast absentee ballots in-person at the office of their county clerk or a satellite absentee voting location. The total also includes nearly 76,300 Hoosiers who are opting to vote by mail and more than 4,800 requesting that a traveling election board visit their residence.

Secretary Rokita said there are several criteria individuals must meet before their local county election board can approve their application to vote absentee-by-mail. These criteria include:

· Being out of the county on Election Day;

· Being scheduled to work at their regular job during the entire 12 hours the polls are open;

· Being over 65 years old;

· Being a voter with a disability;

· If he or she is scheduled to perform official election duties outside of their precinct;

· Being confined due to illness or injury;

· Being a caretaker of someone confined due to illness or injury; or

· Being a member of the military or a public safety officer.

Those voting absentee in-person can do so for any reason and have until noon on Nov. 1 to cast their ballot. After submitting their application form to vote absentee-by-mail, a voter can track the status of their application online by visiting

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