Replace the politicians

I do not know if teachers have been instructed not to talk to school board members or whether school board members have been told to have no contact with teachers. In any event, I have heard that the prevailing mood in the high school is a culture of fear – fear that if you speak out against a decision by the superintendent or the board you will be punished, maybe even fired. Whether union or non-union teachers, how can the board make good decisions for the benefit of better education without speaking to the people on the front line? If a union rep needs to be present, so be it. I have no beef with unions.

Regarding the process by which WCCSC ended up with this Eagle Tech Academy, has anyone asked the question, “What is the relationship between our former superintendent and the salesman who sold the New Tech franchise to our school board?” Why have we not heard about the schools where this New Tech was rejected out-of- hand or tried but failed to improve education? Why did the school board hire a public relations firm to “sell” New Tech to our community? Why can’t the school board use our own high school teachers to “sell” New Tech to us? Could it be that our own high school teachers have looked at New Tech and rejected it? How would the school board know the position of its teachers if it doesn’t talk with them? Who knows more about educating students, school board members or teachers? Why can’t New Tech be accommodated in the high school building instead of remodeling the Marshall building, thereby creating two student bodies with duplicated services?

What shenanigans are being used to recruit students to the Academy for its first year? Are the members of the school board aware of the mandates being imposed on the high school and the middle school to forcibly direct students into this new program? Do they know that these mandates actually punish your child or grandchild? If not, have they failed in their supervisory responsibilities? Should they be replaced on November 2?

Why haven’t the members of the school board who want your vote on November 2 asked any of these hard questions?

It is time to replace the politicians who are running for re-election with board members who will take the time to be informed about the intricacies of corporate management while providing the best possible education for our children. Vote for Herschel Lee Aumsbaugh representing Columbia City, Richard W. Eckert representing Thorncreek Township, and Terry L. Smith representing Columbia Township. We promise not to vote on policy matters until we have asked the hard questions and received relevant, dependable answers from reliable sources.

Terry L. Smith, Columbia City

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