Punt, Pass, Kick participants

Punt, Pass, Kick competition held in Churubusco

The local Punt, Pass and Kick competition was held Saturday, September 11, at Churubusco High School. Results are as follows: front row, 10-11 years, Bryce Geiger, First; 10-11 years, Kobe Tonkel, Third; 8-9 years, Makenzie Tonkel, First; 6-7 years, Abigail Rennaker, First; 10-11 years, Joey Leazier, Second; 8-9 years, Layton Mitchell, First; back row, 14-15 years, Sarah Puckett, First; 12-13 years, Landon Harris, First; 12-13 years, Derek Noyes, Second; 12-13 years, Riley Basinger, Third. First Place winners advance to Sectional at Mishawaka on October 16.


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