Pulling out of Paris Climate Agreement was right decision

Well, the world is in turmoil due to the fact President Donald J. Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Places all over the world lit up their capitols with green lights to object. I feel vindicated as I have green shutters on my house. I feel so much more part of the “world community” now. Included with the likes of China, India, Japan, Venezuela, you know, all those really clean air places.

Unlike many of the parlor communists on the left serving in our Congress, I have actually read the thing. Of course they did not see or read it as the former occupant of the White House did not send it to them because he knew it would be soundly rejected. After all, it is only going to cost $100 billion a year by the year 2020, and continue that amount until the year 2025. It will go into a fund called “Climate Finance.” Can you imagine giving that much money to a bunch of socialists at the United Nations? Not hard to imagine given the former occupant of the White House shipped several billion dollars in cash to Iran on pallets in the middle of the night. Same guy that pushed for the Paris thing. Is that weird, or what?

Now, any person with half a brain in their head knows what this is about. Another attempt to cripple the United States of America. It seems the country that has done the most in just about every area of life for the sake of a better world is under constant attack by just about everybody. Most injurious from our own members of Congress. This country has sacrificed more blood, resources, lives and capital for the greater good than any country in the history of man. The Paris thing is about bringing the United States into a failed Socialist ideology because the United States of America has been, is, and will continue to be the only bastion of freedom on the face of the earth. Period. Socialism has failed in virtually every society it has tried to prosper, and we in this country should reject it and any person who tries to draw us into a failed system. The USA is a Constitutional Republic, we are self governing, and as voters we have an obligation to let our elected officials know that if they do not agree with us on this point then they can go live the dream in Cuba! Hard for me to fathom the communist, Bernard Sanders, serving in the United States senate. Do Vermonters not care?

Just one more observation about the Paris thing: Memo to the former occupant of the White House……The United States is broke. We cannot give the United Nations Green Climate Fund any money because we do not have it to give. Maybe you should have thought about that before shipping pallets of money to a country that hates our guts and wants to kill all of us.

Dave Cooper


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