Primary results for Whitley, Noble counties

By Vivian Sade

CHURUBUSCO — Record numbers at the polls as well as for early, absentee and newly registered voters were charted across the state as well as locally at Tuesday’s primary election.

The county had 1,894 people cast votes early in absentee voting — over 8 ½ percent of the total 22,225 voters in the county. Another 9,075 voted at the polls.

Following are the results for Whitley County and Noble County only. For finals results of all races, visit

In the vote for President of the United States Whitley County voters chose Donald J. Trump over Ted Cruz, 3,919-4,064, and it was much the same in Noble County with Trump beating Cruz, 4,422-3,708.

According to the Associated Press, before complete poll results were in, Cruz announced the end to his bid for the Republican nomination for president after falling to Trump in Indiana.

Whitley County Democrats chose Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton, 1,143-883, while a few miles to the north, Noble County also chose Sanders over Clinton, 1,274-1,134. Statewide, Sanders triumphed over Clinton and gave a victory speech at approximately 9:15 p.m.

For Republican U.S. Senator, Whitley County voters chose tea party favorite Marlin A. Stutzman over Todd Young, 5,825-2,375, although in other counties Stutzman was trailing behind Young early in the night. Young was declared the winner by the Associated Press shortly after 8 p.m., as he racked up 64 percent of the vote to Stutzman’s 36 percent with 1,420 of 5,374 precincts reporting.

Republican Jim Banks won the District 3 U.S. Representative with 4,673 votes over runner-up Kip Tom who gathered 2,420 votes and Elizabeth “Liz” Brown was third with 1,001 votes. Other candidates included Pam Galloway, 260, Mark Williard Barringer, 46, and Kevin Howell, 59.

Other Whitley County results are as follows:

Judge of the Whitley County Circuit Court, Matthew J. Rentschler*, 4,112, Greggory W. Hockemeyer, 4,022.

Democrat U.S. Representative, District 3 — Tommy Schrader*, 803, Todd Nightenhelser, 490, John Forrest Roberson, 387.

Whitley County Treasurer — Laurell Hodges*, 4,789, Steven Hively, 3,123.

Whitley County Commissioner, District 3 — Don Amber*, 4,819, Phil Valjack, 2,607.

Whitley County Council at Large (vote for three) — Thor A. Hodges*, 3,875, Chad Banks*, 3,470, Bill Overdeer*, 3,070, Paula Reimers, 3,005, James Argerbright, 2,536, Matt Boyd, 2,487, Ronald Glassley, 2,046.

Other Noble County races of note for Green Township residents included:

Judge of the Noble County Circuit Court — Michael J. Kramer*, 5,028 (61%), Kelly Morris, 3,268 (39.39%)

Noble County Surveyor — Randolph “Randy” Sexton, 4,180, (53.98%) Scott D. Zeigler, 3,568 (46.02%)

Noble County Commissioner, District 3 —David H. Abbott*, 3,995 (54.35%), Jerry L. Kessler, 3,356 (45.65%)

Noble County Council at Large (vote for three) — Mary Wysong*, 4,528 (25.22%), Wayne Targgart*, 4,150, (23.12%), Mike Toles*, 3,448 (19.21%), Thomas Griffiths, 2,983 (16.62%), James Springer, 2,842 (15.83%).

* Results of uncontested races are not shown.

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