Pond builders need educated

1. Hire somebody that knows what they are doing and not some fly-by-night contractor that doesn’t know how to take soil samples. 

2. Make sure that you are not messing up somebody else’s yard. 

3. After your pond is filled with water and you have stocked it with fish, there are some things that you will be up against: wild animals such as ducks, muskrats, deer, ground hogs, crane/storks, and raccoons.

The purpose of this is that I know of someone who came from the city and built a beautiful home. They decided to put a pond in and caused a neighboring property owner to repair damage to his yard. To make this story short, he was mad because a crane was eating the fish which is a natural thing for them to do. So he decided to get his buddy to shoot it. Sad thing is, I saw it all. After a shot, the crane tried to fly away but couldn’t. It just kept crying. So if you decide to put in a pond, be prepared because the country has wild animals. If you don’t care about wildlife and if you do not like animals, stay in the city. These wild animals ask nothing from you but to live in their natural habitat. If you have problems, call the DNR.

A caring person,

Albert J. Reining,


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