Please no windmills

Dear Editor:
Having just built and moved into our new home in Jefferson Township in September 2010 we were dismayed to discover that Wind Capital Group was proposing a wind farm in the southern townships of the county. After doing our due diligence on this proposal it is our belief that the idea of a wind farm is ludicrous. With the upcoming planning commission meeting to accept the recommendations of the wind energy study committee, work can then begin on formulating a county zoning ordinance related to wind farms. If the county drinks the windmill kool-aid and creates an ordinance that favors Wind Capital Group over homeowners, taxpayers should immediately request a minimum 50 percent reduction in their assessed valuation due to the adverse effect these monstrosities will have on property values and ability to sell, utilize their property. Had we any knowledge of this impending disaster we would not have built in Whitley County.

Henry Janda

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