Parking for business causes riff

By Nicole Minier

CHURUBUSCO — Several people were present at Wednesday’s Churubusco Town Council meeting to discuss parking on Mill Street.

Residents who live near Motorman Marina, located at Main and Mill streets, have called the police multiple times about vehicle parking.

In the past, police allowed vehicles to be parked in the street while customers unload their boats for repair.

“Some neighbor’s have been calling the police. I’ve never seen where people don’t just come over to talk,” said John Cook, of Motorman Marina. “Most officers say it’s OK as long as it’s temporary, but last Saturday they said we can’t even have a tire on the road. We have a right as a business to do business. We can load and unload equipment.”

Cook said sometimes the police have been called before the customer has a chance to unhook a boat trailer.

Two residents who live across from the marina spoke up, indicating they were the ones calling police.

They said they are concerned with safety due to the road being limited to one lane so close to U.S. 33. They also said they’ve seen vehicles parked on the street for as long as three hours.

“It’s not us, it’s our customers,” Cook said. “If the police wants to ticket them, then ticket them. We put up a sign telling them not to block the roadway. We tell them not to.”

The sign was put up a few days before the meeting, and the councilmen said it was a step in the right direction toward peace between both parties.

“I’ll talk to Mike (Engle, town marshal) and we’ll monitor it together,” said Council President Mark Pepple.

“I want to make sure we find something that works for all parties involved.”

Cook told the residents to call the marina if there is a vehicle parked illegally, as they are often busy at work and don’t see what’s going on outside.

“I’m glad we’re working together rather than butting heads,” said Councilman Bruce Johnson.

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