Parading around town during the 67th annual Turtle Days Festival

Photos by Vivian Sade

For a photo gallery of all festival photos, click here.

The Churubusco High School Marching Band.

The Columbia City High School Marching Band. For more pictures click here.

The Columbia City Marching Band.

A sunglassed couple waits at the curb for the parade to begin.

Festival President Jenna Rosswurm and Oscar make an appearance on the parade. For more photos, click here.

Joan Keller and Phyllis Imbody find a spot in the shade to watch Saturday’s Turtle Days Festival parade.

Miss Onion Days of Wolf Lake waves to her onion fans.

Churubusco junior and senior high school cheerleaders toss a peer into the air and — whew! — execute a perfect catch.

Serving as judges for Saturday’s Turtle Days parade were, front, from left, Jill owner of Jill’s Vintage & Thrift, Sandy Maggert of Sandy’s Hidden Treasures and Mark Pebble, Churubusco councilman. In back are parade MCs, Lee Prescott and Joe Gomori or the Churubusco Chamber of Commerce.
 The official Turtle Days Parade wavers.

Past Turtle Days queens and a king were the parade grand marshals at Saturday’s Turtle Days parade. In front, from left: Lisa Fensler, 1980, Sharon Sheldon Shearer, 1959, Heddy Pratt, 1975, Kassie Taksey, 1982, Joan Kessler, 1962, Sheila Teague, 1986; in back, from left: Elizabeth Trowbridge Walter, 1976, Vonetta Green Trowbridge, 1950, Tim Liggett, 1977 and Cathy Longardner Oberholtzer, 1974. (photo by Bob Allman)



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