Oscar’s Updates – belated

By Tina Biddle

Happy birthday today to Lori (Herron) Crigger, Bob Hursey and Clifford Perlich; tomorrow to J.D. Krider, Kate McDowell and Stacie Roehrman; to Nita Abshire and Ashton Ford on the 2nd; Teresa Perry and Shawn McCoy on the 4th; Arleen Zumbrun, TK Savieo, Christina Horne and Erv Brendel on the 5th; and to Jeremy Lahr, Randy Dreibelbis, Kimmy Fowler and Danielle Thompson on the 6th.

Other reasons to celebrate this week include Backwards Day today, tomorrow is Freedom Day, Groundhog Day is the 2nd, Carrot Cake Day is the 3rd, Thank A Mailman Day is the 4th, Weartherperson Day is the 5th and Lame Duck Day is the 6th.

We have a lot to celebrate in February including Weddings Month, Snack Food Month, Library Lover’s Month, Hot Breakfast Month, Heart Month, Grapefruit Month, Children’s Dental Month, Cherry Month, Bird Feeding Month and Black History Month.

It also is an excellent time to remember all those people who have trouble getting out. A lot of us, as we age, have a particularly hard time once it gets cold out. Everything seems a little slower, a little harder to get through, after it turns cold. With that in mind, its a good time to check on your neighbors and loved ones. They might just need a hand with outside chores or even a simple trip to the store to pick up some necessities. That having been said, I send out a big thank you to a caring neighbor who did just that for a loved one of ours. Thanks for being there and for taking the time out of your day to help out! Great job!

Tina Biddle lives near Churubusco. Send birthday and anniversary updates to her directly at lilgiz44@yahoo.com or to nminier@kpcmedia.com.

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