Oscar’s updates

By Tina Biddle

Happy birthday today to Greg Blake and Pat Ellet; tomorrow to Julie Dafforn, Trevor Dunn and Ben Fulk; to Bob Amber, twins John Sade and Janet Lehmkuhl, Orrisa Daily and Bev Cox Middleton on the 24th; Abe Hackett on the 25th; Bill Tipton, Joe Boersema, Merlita Deck, Ryan Baughman and Amanda Salesman Van Wagner on the 27th; and to Joshua Adams, Tony Sollazzo, Spencer Conrad, Mary A Gray, Caden Steffan and Keith Deck on the 28th.

Happy anniversary today to Jake and Leeann Puff and Tom and Lois Cormany; and tomorrow to Rick and Pam McCoy; and Sean and Amy Motter on the 28th.

Other reasons to celebrate include Cranberry Relish Day today, tomorrow is, of course, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday is the 24th, Small Business Saturday is the 25th, Cake Day is the 26th, Cyber Monday is the 27th and Day of Giving is the 28th.

On this day in history, circa 1995, Toy Story debuted. It is the first feature-length film created completely using computer-generated imagery. That’s only 22 years ago, how far we’ve come!

Tina Biddle lives near Churubusco, with her husband Kevin and their 23-year-old son, Andrew. Send birthday and anniversary updates to her directly at lilgiz44@yahoo.com or to nminier@kpcmedia.com.

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