Oscar’s Updates

By Tina Biddle

Happy birthday today to Katie Konger; and tomorrow to Audrea Royer, Jenna Shambaugh, Brent Powell, Cheryl Seel and Ryan Stampe; to Jack Nicodemus, Paul Conrad, Tracy Lenwell and Nick Stauffer on the 16th; Tyler Hackett, Idamae Deem and Kim Blanchard on the 17th; Mid Anderson, Brandi Vaught and Casey Van Houten on the 18th; Jeff Martin and Derek Sieberns on the 19th; and Mabel Creech on the 20th.

Happy anniversary to Amy and Jeff Kirchner on the 15th; Gus and Kathy Berghoff on the 17th; Leila and Kevin Wheaton and Becky and Luther Gross on the 18th; and Jim and Mary Joe Horne on the 20th.

Other reasons to celebrate this week Flag Day today (as well as Blood Donor Day), Elder Abuse Awareness Day on the 15th, Flip Flop Day on the 16th, Apple Strudel Day on the 17th, Autistic Pride Day is the 18th, International Elimination of Sexual Violence Day on the 19th and American Eagle Day on the 20th.

American Eagle Day got its beginning in 1995. Started by President Bill Clinton and Tennessee Governor Don Sandquist, it celebrates the eagle as our national symbol and its recovery from the brink of extinction. In the beginning, the choice of the eagle wasn’t looked on as a good one. Many people thought that we should pick something “more regal.” However, few could argue about that after seeing one of these birds soaring through the sky. Keep your eyes open and you may even see one around here, as I have on several occasions.

Tina Biddle lives near Churubusco. Send birthday and anniversary updates to her directly at lilgiz44@yahoo.com or to nminier@kpcmedia.com.

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