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Happy Birthday today to Paul Sade Jr., Dee Dee McCoy and Keith Bohde; and tomorrow to Tonya Corson and Jennifer Fletcher; to Bob Egolf, Heather Noyes and Lorele Yager on the 17th; Joan Taylor, Wilber Shank, Mandi Krecik, Jon Turla and Kory Poyser on the 18th; Amy Kirchner, Nicholas Rawles and Alyssa Christlieb on the 19th; Mildred Orwell, twins Madison Ann and Alexandra Lee Lahr, and Emily Gordon Turla on the 20th; Margaret Bolen, Suzy Gross, Cully Wall, Sueann Brady and Pam McCoy on the 21st.

Happy Anniversary to Ben and Katie Wagner on the 16th.

Other reasons to celebrate this week include Singles Awareness Day today; and tomorrow is Do-A-Grouch-A-Favor Day; Random Acts Of Kindness Day is the 17th; Drink Wine Day is the 18th; Chocolate Mint Day is the 19th; President’s Day is the 20th (as well as Love Your Pet Day); and Sticky Bun Day is the 21st.

When the idea of President’s Day was first suggested, the idea was to honor President Washington. Since different calendars were in use all over the world, we don’t actually celebrate this holiday on his birthday. When the politicians of the day got ahold of it, they decided to celebrate it on the third Monday in February, so they could combine it with Lincoln’s birthday, since they felt two holidays so close together would be too “cumbersome.” Instead, we celebrate all things presidential on just one day. Depending on your outlook, this can be either a blessing — or not! Either way, sounds like as good a reason to celebrate as any. So whether you celebrate on Feb. 11, or 22, or even the 12th (Lincoln’s), or even March 4 — this was suggested because it was the original inauguration day, and was so close the presidential birthdays.

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