Oscar’s updates

Happy birthday today to Katie Konger, and tomorrow to Andrea Royer, Jenna Shambaugh, Brent Powell, Cheryl Seel and Ryan Stsampe; to Jack Nicodemus, Paul Conrad, Tracy Lenwell and Nick Stauffer on the 16th; Tyler Hackett, Idamae Deem and Kim Blanchard on the 17th; Mid Anderson, Brandi Vaught, and Casey VanHouten on the 18th; Jeff Martin and Derek Sieberns on the 19th; to Mabel Creech on the 20th.

Happy anniversary tomorrow to Amy and Jeff Kirchner; and to Gus and Kathy Bergoff on the 17th; Leila and Kevin Wheaton and Becky and Luther Gross on the 18th; and Jim and Mary Jo Horne on the 20th.

Other reasons to celebrate this week include Flag Day today, tomorrow is Smile Day, Fudge Day is the 16th, Father’s Day is the 17th, Go Fishing Day is the 18th, Martini Day is the 19th and American Eagle Day is the 20th.

Nothing you wear is as important as a smile! So go out and share it people! Be careful out there.

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