Oscar’s Updates

By Tina Biddle

Happy birthday today to Louise Kirkpatrick, Doug Herendeen and Jocelyn Ray; tomorrow to Kelsey Murray, Riley Templeton, Jann Johnson, Kevin Biddle, Brandy Bradle and Maria Crawford; to Michelle Lahr, Michele Sade, Shambaugh twins Matt and Mike, R.J. Meeks and Kyle Meinika on the 9th; Anna Jane Skinner, Donna Jean Reichert and Darlene Crawford on the 10th; twins Tara Pettigrew and Heather Lortie, and Bruce Hare on the 11th; to Harriet Metz, Everett Liggett Jr. and Ayton Summers on the 12th; and to Wayne Gibson on the 13th.

Happy anniversary to Jon and Julia Turla on the 12th; and Stacy and R.T. Refeld on the 13th.

Other reasons to celebrate this week include Send A Card To A Friend day today, tomorrow is Boy Scout Day, Pizza Day is the 9th, Umbrella Day is the 10th, Peppermint Patty Day is the 11th, Clean Out Your Computer Day is the 12th and Radio Day is the 13th.

On Feb. 8, 1910, W.D. Boyce incorporated the Boy Scouts of America.

Tina Biddle lives near Churubusco. Send birthday and anniversary updates to her directly at lilgiz44@yahoo.com or to nminier@kpcmedia.com.

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