October 7, 2009

I didn’t want to scare Judy, so I sat quietly, without TV, until she started down the hall.  I said quietly, “Judy, would you mind calling 911 for me?”  When she entered the room, she seemed upset, asked me what was wrong, and all that stuff, so I said, calmly, “get the damned phone – I will call!”.  She did, and I did.

I told the 911 guy that I was 82, weighed 235, was tipped over in a recliner jammed into the 90 degree angle of my old house, and needed help.  He said he would send an ambulance.  I didn’t want two skinny nurses, I needed a strong fireman!  He said he had to send a nurse, in case I needed medical help, and to relieve the fireman from liability if he had to provide it.

I said we would turn on all lights to help direct him to the right door.  A half hour later he arrived, in an ambulance, apologized for the delay, said he had been given 4005 rather than 4335, my correct address, and had to drive around until he saw the loom of our lights.  He couldn’t get me up, and called 911, asked for another man.  While waiting, he tried lifting and twisting the base of the recliner, and it pulled free from the back.  I knew the back came off, and was much lighter, because when we bought it, they were in separate cartons for easy delivery, but I am 82, and forget unimportant stuff.

Everything was fine, he couldn’t accept any money, but we talked, and he said he was married to Denise, who has cooked our Sunday morning breakfasts for 25 years, and I said that she was a good friend of ours, to call her and tell her that he had rescued me.  He said he couldn’t tell her my name under the rules of his employment, and he left to save other lives.  At 6:45, we drove up to the Magic Wand Restaurant, looked in the kitchen window, and saw him talking to Denise.  We hurried in, carrying home canned tomatoes and a letter praising her husband’s efforts in my rescue, and she said, “Are you that guy stuck in the chair?” But he hadn’t mentioned my name!  And I can’t tell you his name, because I forget real easy!

Tuesday, at the New Horizons Band practice, I told the members present this story before practice. At coffee break, our first trumpet player said, “Bob, is ambulance care free where you live?”  I said, “Sure, anywhere in Whitley County.”  He said in Fort Wayne he pays $600.00 per year for ambulance service!   I stopped on my way to band practice today to ask Denise if she or her husband would mind if I wrote this next week for the Busco paper, and she told me that her husband was both a Churubusco Fireman and a Whitley County EMT, and she thought it would be all right – but I can’t tell you their last names.  If you call the paper, they might, maybe!  We just love living here in the country!   .  .  .  Good Gardening

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