October 27, 2010

With the cooperation of all the employees of the Whitley County Sheriff’s Department, the Whitley County Probation Department and Whitley County Community Service, the program has proven to be a huge success, nearly cutting our trash output in half.  The reduction in trash allowed us to change our garbage container to the next size larger allowing us to reduce our trash pickup from two times per week to just one.  Reducing the pickups in half has reduced our monthly fee to National ServAll by about $86.00 per month.  Thanks to all employees in this building for recycling and saving tax dollars. 

During the last week of September, I attended a conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan that provided updated training on acquiring surplus government and military equipment.  The “Law Enforcement Support Office” located in Battlecreek, Michigan sponsored the conference and training.  The free three day conference provided training on how to locate surplus, proper record keeping of acquired surplus along with acquainting attendees with government personnel that can assist with our efforts in locating certain hard to find items.  While surplus such as military Hummers, helicopters, airplanes and armored personnel carriers aren’t too practical for us in Whitley County, there are many items that can be used locally.  There are things like office furniture, tables, chairs, kitchen items, exercise equipment, generators, ATV’s, handcuffs, binoculars and digital cameras.  Occasionally a new or good used vehicle can be located, along with laptop and desk top computers. Of course the more popular an item is the harder it is to locate.  And if it can be located, the timing has to be perfect so as to be the first person in line for it.  I was fortunate to meet the Indiana State Coordinator who maintains certain inventory and items in a warehouse in Indianapolis.  I have been invited down to look through his inventory.  Typically the items are free or we may have to pay the costs for the State Coordinator to have the surplus shipped to him.  I will keep you posted on the progress and hopefully the success of this program. 

As winter weather begins to creep in on us, I urge everyone to be sure your vehicles are prepared for foul weather travel.  Ensure your tires are properly treaded, all fluids are at the correct level and wiper blades are in good working order.  Be sure the windshield washing fluid is properly mixed so it will not freeze.  I encourage everyone to have a window scraper/snow brush to clear off all of the windows.  It is against the law to drive with a frost covered windshield.  Also carry survival supplies in case you get stranded.  

Consider a blanket, bottled water, snacks and a candle for a small amount of heat.  Of course, in the event of any emergency, call 911.

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