October 13, 2010

One time they invited the manager of sales at a huge Texas airport to dinner at their country club, to talk about the line of goods my company produced. I asked the band to play a waltz, so I could dance with the owner’s wife, – not being gifted dance-wise.

Suddenly, the orchestra leader played his violin loudly in my ear, and counted, “one, two, three, one, two, three!” I realized he was playing my waltz, and we did, happily.  I went to the bar and wanted to buy for the orchestra, and was told only members were allowed to purchase.

At coffee the next day, at the owner’s house, where he sipped coffee floating on a raft, which the butler would pull in to refill his cup whenever it needed, I protested the inability to not be able to pay for something I ordered, and his explanation was; “What percent of your gross income do you pay in Federal taxes?”  I replied, “about 30 percent I think.”  He said, “Our corporations pay 90 percent of our income in taxes, so when you buy a $1 cup of coffee, you spend $0.70.  Our corporations have a whole lot more of ten cent dollars than you do of seventy cent dollars.  We will not discuss this again!”

We are in a recession now, caused, in my opinion, by well intentioned efforts to keep the world’s people free from oppression, searches for oil supplies, and the greed of a few huge businesses and people.  Almost everybody is paying a price.  The amount of taxes paid by earners has been lowered, but now roads and governmental efforts need to be improved, but no one wants to pay more taxes.  I delighted in the homestead tax relief Indiana offered, even though my six acres was homesteaded almost centuries ago by some unrelated wonderful person.

Now some people admit that tax relief should be given to low and middle income people, but not the wealthy, “because they will invest and rebuild America!” My father was not rich, I don’t know what George Washington earned, and I haven’t been offered a paying job for 25 years, but I and I believe all of them, really tried hard to help our country grow. I am not smart enough to try to cheat on income tax, but I believe my tax accountant would not allow my income tax statement to be inaccurate, or remain unpaid.

When the extremely wealthy pay the same percentage of earnings as the working class, they have an awful amount of dollars left for more gracious, more comfortable, and more wider locations, of homes, servants, luxuries, insurance, medical aid, and children’s educations, than those who are not extremely, or didn’t inherit extreme wealth.

I hope some of my grand or great-grandchildren accomplish that, but I am extremely well pleased with what this country has allowed me to earn and keep – but – I will vote for the candidates whom I feel most likely to continue to offer the opportunity to earn, and produce, and enjoy the results of living a good life.  .  .  good gardening

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