Nuisance wildlife information is now available online

The DNR previously shared a wildlife conflicts hotline with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but that phone line was staffed only during business hours and was not reachable at night or on weekends or holidays. The hotline will cease operation Jan. 1.

The Nuisance Wildlife page provides specific information on the general characteristics, food habits, distribution, reproduction, prevention and control techniques, and disease threats of many species of mammals and birds, as well as general information about snakes.

Many wild animals in Indiana have become displaced as the result of urban growth and removal of their habitat. While some species may move to other areas where natural habitat exists, some species actually thrive in urban settings. Wild animals such as these are protected by the State of Indiana for all of the citizens of Indiana, but sometimes they cannot peaceably coexist.

Because of the large number of raccoons and other species that cause a nuisance for landowners throughout the state, the DNR is unable to provide assistance to actually help remove the animals. The DNR does offer some solutions and advice on how to try to prevent future problems and remove wild animals that have created a problem.

The DNR also licenses individuals to provide nuisance wild animal control services to the public. Find one near you by going to and clicking on the “Find A Professional” link near the top of the page.

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