November 4, 2009

The principal speaker was the Mayor of a large city nearby, a Democrat.  I inherited strong Republican feelings, but approached and spoke to him about his speech and his work, some of which I supported.  I wondered how he could stand being a politician for so many years – I ran once for city council in a suburb of Denver – I was selling insurance at the time, and a Veteran.  I drove through my town with a speaker atop my car, pleading in a loud voice at dinner time (to cut through the noise of the television sets (shining through their windows) to get out and register, and to vote, meet and get to know the people seeking their votes, and VOTE! 

We had fought a hard war to remain in control of our lives, and a few years previously, living in a suburb of Denver, a large city, where I had lived until buying the suburban house, when I went to vote, I had to choose 25 state officials, none of whom I had had any personal contact!  My vote shouldn’t have been counted!  Of course, it was.  Later, although supported by the Chamber of Commerce and the local newspaper, I lost – by 24 votes!  I had the support of the Chamber of Commerce and the local newspaper, and the winning mayoral candidate!  Getting phone calls from over 40 friends, all of whom said that if they had thought it would be close, they would have registered and voted!  That didn’t encourage me to run again, ever!

I think we should compliment much more than we blame!  I think we should become better parents!  I am sure I did not always please my parents, but they were always good examples, and good teachers!  I could have been a lot better parent – today I have a 13 year-old-grandchild that I have never found the time to visit, and I am ashamed!  I am sure we should be better, more involved citizens of the greatest country in the world.  We should learn the experience and thinking of those who want to get the job of governing us, compliment those we agree with by voting for them, and whether or not they win, go through the same process before the next election!

I no longer vote a straight ticket.  I choose those, especially in local elections, I will vote for.  I do watch TV appearances of others.  In my first election in my new state of North Dakota, in about 1949, when the Governor’s salary was about $16,000, I voted a straight Republican ticket.  Being a recently hired government economist, I hadn’t had time to make what I now consider a proper vote.  I voted for a U.S. Senator who had been accused of a bad offense. 

He was re-elected; he was, and remained until his death, in my opinion, a good person, came from a Northern European background, but then was found guilty of the offense!  I liked him, and still do, but he died after his release and re-election.  I value my right to vote and choose friends!  He returned to office, and when I couldn’t get certain information through my federal government chain of command, he frequently would mail me a requested copy!

I think big companies have funds to spend that influence some politicians.  I think some groups of banks got laws changed that allowed banks to loan more of the money they had on deposit, than they had previously been allowed to loan.  Then, sub-prime loans were not being repaid, and then our tax dollars were used to help the biggest loser banks – and the country – and we taxpayers, regardless of whether or how we chose the officials of the banks or the people who made or changed the laws!!

Please, gardening and crop farming season is over – now market, consume, and vote – please decide WHOM you really want to govern you – at as many levels as you possibly can!  After I wrote this, I asked a successfully retired engineer, teacher, athlete, and politician to read it and give me his opinion.  He told me it was good, but this is an off year – elections are in even numbered years – 2009 was a weird, odd, gardening year – of course, I had to agree.  But please think about it. I will probably run it again next year – when there will be an important election.                           

I don’t believe all members of any religion, cultural group, political party, or race are either all good or evil.  I try to love, honor, respect, and thank those I think good to excellent.  I try to learn everything possible about groups I join, where I will live, and who I want for close friends.  My desires may change, but I will try to learn as much as possible about the potential leaders of each person in charge, or trying to be in charge, and support those who seem to be in accord with my desires.                                      I am too old to be employed; I live well on savings, insurance, government and family support, all of which I contributed to, and I can’t be offered enough to change.  I may: 1. love, 2. respect, 3. honor,, or 5. dislike, 6. ignore, 7. disrespect 8. hate individual people, but I will never tell you the last name of anyone in any group further than two from where I currently place you.  I will try to vote for those in groups 1-4 .  .  .  good gardening  

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