November 3, 2010

I loved it, I fit it, it was good to me, and when they moved further into moving high value goods, computers, scientific stuff, secret spy stuff, I was one of 18 drivers selected to start that fleet.  We were required to employ and have co-drivers on our trucks, after being cleared by analysis of their driving and criminal past by NAVL and the Feds, in order to meet the speedy delivery of the high dollar stuff.  

The first and only lady co-driver I ever got cleared and hired, had worked as co-driver for another owner operator, and was better than her boss, so he turned the truck over to her, and I observed how well she did, and when he was terminated, I offered her a job as my co-driver.  I think she was about 23, tall, strong, smart – and I was tall and strong but she accepted.  I wrote a letter to her mother saying I would protect her, teach her, but work her hard.  I picked her up in Buffalo, we loaded a trade show exhibit; a fork lift brought a 700 pound crate, about six feet long, into my truck, and laid it on the floor.  I wanted to stand it up.  My new co-drivers were usually told to stand back and watch how I operated for the first few days.  That crate seemed to float upright, lightly, and I discovered she had grabbed a’ hold and lifted it with me!  She worked!  

I was driving on black ice in Utah with her asleep in the sleeper, rushing to my daughter’s wedding, when I spun out, wrecked, got towed back to the little town that had no bus or rail service, “but a bus comes through about 2:30 a.m., but never has stopped.” North Amercan sent a driver to pick up and deliver my load, and a wrecker took my truck back to Fort Wayne for $18,000 repairs, and the wrecker owner had one of his freight truck drivers deliver she and me to the Salt Lake airport where we flew back, because NAVL needed us.  She was ready, bought her own truck, and I worked as her co-driver (same low pay – worse boss!) while my truck was being repaired.

She continued as a successful owner operator, married another owner operator, now lives down near Purdue, and has a farmstead, grows open range chickens, sells meat and eggs, has a garden, her husband still drives truck, they are happy.  She told me about a source of good information and trees, and I have, in the past, trusted my life to her – as she did to me, and I am going to tell you about: FEDCO TREES, P.O. Box 520, Waterville Me, 0493-0520, or (with maybe a link to trees?)  Anyhow, she told me that their catalog has complete tree information, about size (height and spread), planting instructions, nutrient instruction, and I did not have that (or didn’t remember it) in my tree planting days, and I sincerely wish I had.

Nurseries and garden centers have been hard hit by the recession, because only rich or smart people like you and me are growing food and stuff now, and there are many VALUABLE things available, including INFORMATION!  Information is worth more than it costs, and on her recommendation, I offer this address, and I have contacted them for information I consider valuable.

They are located strangely near Johnny’s Seeds, our most respected seed provider, whom we visited when we were younger and vacationed annually on a schooner anchored in Maine, and there may be some connection.  When we visited Johnny’s, they and their 40 employees were enjoying their annual summer celebratory lunch, and invited us to eat with them, but all we wanted to do was tour their garden growing area, which we were allowed to do for a few educational hours.

Do take garden tours, garden lessons, visit your county agricultural extension office, ask gardening questions about what you would like to know of other gardeners, mull it over, pick out what and whom you want to rely on, and I will personally guarantee your life, gardening success, and happiness will all benefit and multiply.  Ours has in the 30 years we have been gardening, and I hope I live 15 more years, learning every new bit of information, and correcting some of my own recent mistakes.  .  .  Good gardening

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