November 2, 2011

Interestingly enough, most questions pertained to roads. At least I found that interesting. Other questions included: What are the benefits of being a Commissioner? Are you taking any action to improve the Churubusco Skate Park? (This question allowed us to explain where county/town/park administration is different). How much power do you hold over the spending of the county money? This question let us explain the difference between the County Commissioners (Legislative Branch) and the County Council (Fiscal Branch). Excellent question.

It’s my intention to try and visit the class again and answer all of their questions.

In other county business we recently looked at a program that would review all of the county telephone lines to see if we have any underused or over-charged lines. It’s an interesting concept and while it looks good on the surface, we must compare the cost of the program to any subsequent savings.

We are done milling roads for 2011 after a very good season. The milled roads will sit through the winter and will be sealed next spring.

Debbie Beers, Whitley County Clerk, along with her election staff advised the Commissioners in October that redistricting of County Council members might have to take place. The Commissioners are looking at population numbers for each district to make certain they are as close to equal as possible. Redistricting, if necessary, will take place before the 2012 election process begins. By the way, good luck to all the candidates in the town and city election on November 8. The county is blessed with good candidates in all three of our communities.

It’s hard to believe but county elections take place in just a year but for those running, the season officially begins with filing to run right after the first of the year, about 90 days from now.

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