November 18, 2009

I believe the original churches banned money lending in churches. I believe the national banks and automotive companies in the 1990’s got so powerful that they changed our national policies and rules, increasing what multiples of deposits banks could legally lend, and  public transportation facilities. We are in a recession, and I hope we continue to recover and vastly improve again.

I, like many of you, grew up in a small farming community. I believe I had excellent parents, with exceptional parenting abilities, and most of my friends did, too. I wasn’t always an excellent child – or adult, but I respected my parents and grandmother, who died in a room added to our house for her remaining years.  I didn’t believe I was able to make a living in a small town, or being a Government economist, and after marrying, became a traveler – selling in the western states, and then driving an interstate and internationally licensed truck. I wasn’t the parent my parents were, but my progeny still love me.

I know winter is coming, and we have bought new comforters, just in case global warming isn’t real! I don’t predict weather, but this is what I think: We have a lot of leaves that have fallen from our trees this year. I know in town, the leaf trucks come by to vacuum up the piles you have raked together, and I know some of us complain about “The neighbor’s leaves blowing onto our neat lawns,” and some people own grass and leaf vacuums that pick up following their riding mowers.”  I know those leaves, and grass clippings, make excellent compost or fertilizer. I know they will decompose quicker if in a compost pile, aerated and stirred, and chopped finely.

I know I bought special mower blades that chop everything that is or has been green this summer into small pieces, and all that is spread onto my lawns. The grass leaves as I mow during the summer, and in fall, we mow the fallen tree leaves, moving and rotating the clippings as we mow into a different area of that lawn each year, and when I take the soil test every third or fourth year, it has not been recommended that I purchase and add any fertilizer. Maple leaves that fall on our gardens should be removed, while Oak leaves allow the plants beneath them to breathe, instead of smothering them to death.

I positively know I am old and comfortable – with the exception of when I have to get to my feet quickly – and I am truly thankful that I am not in the age group of people that have children that want and deserve higher education, and worry that their income, employment, and future doesn’t feel secure. I had noticed in the past, that when I called to see if an older friend was at home for a visit, I frequently got the answer that, “well, we are getting ready to go to the doctor’s, and we don’t know when we will get back!”

Now I seem to have a lot of doctor’s visits to make, and they take a lot more time to prepare for than they used to.  Judy and I both like to get to an appointment early, we take books to read if there will be an emergency longer delay than expected, and there is always paperwork to be done before seeing the M.D., even if nothing has changed regarding pills, ailments, or insurance since the last visit.  Yesterday we had such an appointment, set up by a third M.D. This appointment required two self administered enemas, given “one and two hours before leaving for the hospital.”

They didn’t ask how far we were going to have to drive to get to the hospital, and I don’t trust myself to get more than one foot from a toilet seat for quite a while before we start driving anywhere.

I had never self administered an enema before, didn’t have much of an idea where to insert the tube, so I relied on Judy, as usual, with plenty of time before leaving for the 45 minute trip to the hospital.           We were told the M.D. schedules patients one hour before he sees them, that the exam could take the hour following that! I had a concert to play an hour and a half after my appointment time, it was Veteran’s Day, and I said sorry, please reschedule me.  Trombones had no music to play during the “Marine Hymn,” and I stood from my seat on stage, proud to be a Veteran! . . . Good gardening

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