New federal unemployment extension filing begins

Any Hoosier who has previously exhausted either of the first two federal extensions of unemployment or state extended benefits and remains unemployed may be eligible to receive this new federal extension. Hoosiers currently collecting unemployment will be directed to this new extension automatically.

Hoosiers who have previously exhausted their unemployment can file for this extension as follows:

• Beginning Monday, November 23 – reopen unemployment claim through Uplink, Indiana’s online benefits system

• Beginning Tuesday, November 24 – return to Uplink to complete two weekly vouchers, covering the time since the extension became law on November 6.

• Beginning Wednesday, November 25 – deposits for eligible vouchers will be posted to individual debit cards

• Each subsequent week – file your weekly voucher online similar to other unemployment programs

Uplink and answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” about this extension can be accessed through Hoosiers without internet access can also apply online through their local WorkOne Center.

The Department of Workforce Development estimates that approximately 50,000 Hoosiers may qualify for this extension between now and the end of the year.

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