Master Gardeners host symposium

Master Gardener Garry Hill examines a brochure at the Purdue Extension booth. Contributed

Master Gardeners Janice Klophenstein and Terri Christl bag up some items. Contributed

Susan Farris and Judy Wright, Master Gardeners, converse during the symposium. Contributed

Attendees of the Master Gardener’s symposium listen to a speaker in the cafetorium at Indian Springs Middle School. Contributed

Duane Jansen is the president of the Whitley County Master Gardener program. Contributed

KPC News Service

LIGONIER — The Whitley County Master Gardeners hosted their fifth symposium last month, with over 150 people attending the meeting and an additional 21 vendors participating.

While a portion of the attendees were other Master Gardeners from other counties across the state, there was a substantial number of non-MGs that have similar interests, and expressed how informative the symposium was and the general positive atmosphere that pervaded the meeting.

“Master Gardeners are not know-it-alls as the title might imply, but through the camaraderie that group has we learn a lot from each other and of course if no one has an answer, there is always Google,” said Master Gardener Johan Bernard.

The theme of the symposium was “The Good, The Bad and the ugly.” The good: tomatoes and the literally hundreds of varieties are available and grown for specific tastes and functions; speech given by Patricia Knott. The bad: pests in the garden, talks given by Cliff Sadofs and John Woodmansee, and injuries sustained through repetitive motions and how to correct this, speech given by Cynthia Ruich]. The ugly: Cliff Sadof showed some graphic videos of pests being disposed of by beneficial insects and animals.

Some nice and non-committal ways to get acquainted with the Master Gardeners are as follows:

• On Saturday, June 23, the Master Gardeners of Whitley County will be holding their annual Garden Walk9 a.m.-3 p.m. Tickets are $8 pre-sale and $10 on the day of the event. They can be purchased at the Extension Office in Columbia City, 115 S. Line St.

• Every first Thursday of the month, the Master Gardeners meet at Parkview Whitley Hospital, Classroom B at 7 p.m. for an approximately half hour educational gardening presentation, which the public is welcome to attend.

“Master Gardeners — an absolutely wonderful group to belong to,” Bernard said.

If your interests run in their direction and you have free time available to become a Master Gardener and join the group, contact Woodmansee at 244-6751.

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