Man accused of shooting appears in Whitley court

By Derreck Stahly

COLUMBIA CITY — A man charged with criminal recklessness that resulted in a woman being shot in 3000 block of Colony Avenue appeared in Whitey County Circuit Court Monday morning for his initial hearing.

Skyler Blosserman, 19, of Columbia City, was arrested at the scene of the incident on March 9 after the victim called police while en route to the hospital.

According to a police report, Blosserman discharged his firearm in to the concrete to scare the boyfriend of the victim away from his grandmother’s residence. When the bullet hit the concrete, the bullet ricocheted and struck the victim in the leg.

When the victim called police, she said that her boyfriend was driving her to Parkview Whitley Hospital. Police arrived to find Blosserman at the scene.

The police report states that Blosserman fired the gun after the victim’s boyfriend shouted profane words and shined a light in his eyes to aggravate him.

Court documents say Blosserman admitted to firing the gun into the ground.

Police photographed the scene and collected the firearm, magazine and a chambered round for evidence.

Blosserman was charged with criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, a Level 5 felony; intimidation with a deadly weapon, a Level 5 felony; and pointing a firearm, a Level 6 felony.

Blosserman elected to represent himself in court and is being held on a $40,000 surety bond.

He is scheduled for a pretrial conference on April 10.

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