Lugar campaign playing “dirty tricks”

Back in 2007 Richard Mourdock purchased a condominium in Indianapolis. His primary home is in Evansville. In the spring of 2010, Mr. Mourdock noticed that his property tax statement was claiming a homestead exemption for his second residence in Indianapolis and he filled out the appropriate forms to get this corrected. The Marion County Auditor has confirmed that not only did Mr. Mourdock himself find the error and has paid the back taxes he owes, but that the original error was NOT Mr. Mourdock’s error but an error by the auditor’s office. The former owner of the condominium had a homestead exemption on that property and the auditor’s office failed to remove the exemption. Anyone wanting to confirm this firsthand should contact the Marion County Auditor’s office.

Mr. Mourdock did the right thing in correcting this error and he did so before anyone else realized the error. I totally disrespect the lack of integrity shown by the Lugar campaign. I totally support Mr. Richard Mourdock for U.S. Senate and I believe he will stay above the fray of dirty politics.

Linda Zimmerman,

Columbia City,

Whitley County Volunteer Coordinator for Richard Mourdock for U.S. Senate

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