Local school officials attend conference

The theme for the conference was “Navigating Public Schools Through Uncertain Fiscal Terrain: The Ultimate Budget Challenge for School Boards and Superintendents.” The program featured sessions such as: Cost of Educating a Student: Comparison of Health Care Plans: State and Local: Principals Evaluating Teacher Performance: A Key Ingredient to Student Learning: How Technology Can Reduce Education Costs While Maintaining Academic Exellence; Education Foundations and Their Value to School Corporations; and Early Retirement Incentives.

Outstanding speakers challenged conference participants in the Four General Sessions. Current & Future Indiana Economy — Revenues & Tax Issues, Larry DeBoer, Prof. of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University; Decades of Difference, Katheryn Gemberling, Educ. Consultant & co-author of NSBA’s Key Work Guidebook; How About Putting it in a School? Jane Pauley Community Health Center – A Unique Hospital-School Partnership, Jane Pauley, Former host of NBC’s Today Show and Dateline, and Bryan Mills, President and CEO of Community Health Network, will share this special partnership, and on Tuesday, Answering the Critics of School Administration, John Draper, Chief Executive Officer, Educ. Research Service.

Local board members and administrators atttending were Cathy Petrie, Board Member, and Steve Darnell, Superintendent.

This ISBA is a non-profit organization with 290 member schools, including every school board in the state. ISBA services to its members include, but are not limited to, legislative services, legal and school financial advice, board member training seminars and information dissemination on topics such as collective bargaining.

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