Local school board authorities attend conference

School board members and/or administrators related case history about solving a problem, improving an existing program or developing a new program in their school corporation. Topics included were: Public Schools and University Partnerships: A Model for Collaboration Between School Districts and Higher Education, Indiana Technology in the Classroom, How to Create a High Performing Elementary on a Limited Budget, and High School- Run Websites. 

The conference featured clinic sessions such as: What we have learned during our first year of implementing the TAP System: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement, Understanding the History of the Current Funding Formula, The Shelbyville Central Schools Student Wellness Center, Kokomo-Center Staff Wellness Clinic: Wellness for the Body, SouI, and the Bottom Line, Summer Retention-An Effective Online program, Career and Technology: Education Hybrid Model College and Career Readiness, Collective Impact: Coming Together for Kids in DeKalb County, Opportunities in out-of-school time learning and iN THEiR Hand: lncorporating iPods, iPads, Netbooks and other Devices into Education.

On Monday, Larry De Boer, Professor of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, addressed “The Prospects for Indiana’s Economy and lts Impact on Public School Funding.” Jamie Vollmer, author of “Schools Cannot Do It Alone” discussed “Welcome to the Great Conversation: Building Support for Indiana’s Public Schools.” On Tuesday, Jan Mclnnis, speaker and humorist, showed the audience how to bring “Finding the Funny in Communications.”

Local board members and administrators from Smith-Green Community Schools who attended were Cathy Petrie, board member, and Steve Darnell, Superintendent. 

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